How to Use Worm Poop

Suggested Application Guide

Top dress: 

Gardens: Apply between 1-3 inches or 2 lbs to 10 sq. ft. area (Repeat as plants use up nutrients)

Please be aware that UV light kills microorganisms in worm castings, so when using as top dress cover it with organic matter (mulch, straw, grass clippings, etc.)

Potting Mix:

Add 1 part worm castings to 3 parts media and blend

Easy garden guide:

Apply when blooming, and again when fruiting. Add worm castings accordingly:

Flowers and potted plants: 

apply 1-3 tablespoons (once per season)

Vegetables: apply 1 lb per 1 sq/ft

Vine, nut, stone fruit: 

apply ½ lb per 1 sq/ft

How to Make Worm Tea

If you steep worm castings in water, you get worm tea. It is easy:

1. You take an old sock and fill it with about 1 pound of worm castings

2. Fill a 5-gallon bucket with non-chlorinated water (rain, well water or city water left outside in the sun for 24 hours)

3. Place the sock with worm castings in your bucket of water and let it steep overnight.

4. And that’s it. In the morning mix worm tea with water 1:1, and use it for watering your outdoor plants, your garden and your house plants. Your plants will be happy!!!